MentorBox Review: The Secret Behind MentorBox

Before writing the MentorBox review, I found there are so many positive reviews for Mentorbox online, these are all from affiliates and then there’s a ton of negative ones, these are from disgruntled consumers who feel ripped off or scammed due to the sales funnel.

So what’s truth? In this article, I’ll look into Mentorbox and give an honest review.

MentorBox Review

What Is Mentorbox?

Like Blinkist, MentorBox is a monthly subscription product to spread knowledge and information in a quicker, more efficient way than reading the whole book.

The premise of the MentorBox subscription is simple. Every week, their team reads the best books on business, relationships, health, and success and then distills those books into bite-sized summaries their subscribers can digest in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks.

Sound like a great idea? Let’s take a deeper look if Mentorbox really is worth the money.


How Much Does Mentorbox Cost?

The most basic MentorBox subscription is only $7/month or $59/year. You get a free trial for three days with $1 and are charged automatically after that (note: they do not send reminders or emails to inform you of your charge date so if you aren’t thrilled with the subscription, be sure to cancel within the 3 days).

By paying $7 monthly, you get:

  • Access to the online learning platform where you can look up a heap of books and read their key lessons
  • Over 500 hours of video lessons
  • Audio recorded summaries of many books
  • Workbooks you can download
  • Cheatsheets to help with memory
  • other relevant study materials
  • Private Mentorbox mastermind group (a Facebook group)

They do have many upsell options in their sales funnel like the entrepreneur academy for $20 a month, $89 for the Audiobook nuggets and others that we have not gone through. They use it as a selling machine and try to do whatever they can to make money.

Mentorbox Upsell

What Books Are in Mentorbox?

MentorBox does not have a huge list of books and there is no easy way to actually check names and numbers.

MentorBox offers interactive training courses based on the books written by bestselling American authors, educators, and CEOs. The authors themselves are the ones who teach the course, as well as “mentor” the students.

Here are some of the bestselling authors who have their books on MentorBox.

  • How to Thrive Rather Than Just Survive by Arianna Huffington
  • How to Double your Sales by Anthony Iannarino
  • How to Nail Any Job Interview Using Just Your Body Language by Amy Cuddy
  • How to Learn and Memorize Better by Barbara Oakley
  • Sales by Anthony Iannarino
  • How to Launch and Scale Your Own Business by Alex Mehr
  • How to Invest to Build Wealth by Sten Morgen
  • How to Master Business Networking by Patrick Lee
  • Leadership by Kim Scott
  • How to Dominate Your Career and Make More Money by Cal Newport
  • How to Become an Effective Leader by Kim Scott
  • How to Be More Persuasive by Robert Cialdini
  • How to Raise Money for Your Business by Naeem Zafar
  • Happiness by Mo Gawdat
  • How to Develop a Stress-Free Brain by Dr. Melanie Greenberg
  • How to Overcome Any Obstacle by Ryan Holiday
  • How to Negotiate Like a Pro by Natalie Reynolds

Is Mentorbox Any Good?

  • Author-delivered courses.

Some of these summaries were really captivating. Some of them is a mix of a summary and a mini-course.

  • You hear straight from the authors.

I think that the possibility of hearing straight from the authors, explaining and talking about their own books, is the biggest USP and the biggest advantage of MentorBox.

  • Focus on entrepreneurship.

MentorBox has a strong focus on how to apply the book teaching in business, which can be very helpful to entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs.

Is Mentorbox Any Bad?

  • Sales page is a bit too salesy and promises too much

The sales page is filled with fake countdown timers (refresh the page and the timer restarts), over the top copy, and other conversion gimmicks designed to get you to take action fast. 

  • Upsells are expensive and their business model is to upsell as much as possible

They aren’t truly trying to scam money out of you. However, they have a history of using questionable marketing tactics, such as one-click upsells, innocent-looking buttons, and false urgency. Not to mention the many Mentorbox ads you’ll be hit with online if they determine you’re a potential customer.

Be careful about clicking buttons on their site once you have a subscription. Any innocent looking button could be their sneaky way of upselling you.

  • Lots of complaints online

There have been numerous complaints regarding both payment and customer support.

How to Cancel Mentorbox Subscription?

The only way to cancel MentorBox is by emailing their support desk, – Tai Lopez claims this website is making $50,000 per day so I imagine it will take weeks to reply to their cancellation emails.

Is MentorBox Worth

Is MentorBox Worth It?

At $7 a month, investing in MentorBox is not a serious decision. You aren’t going to lose with it.

This is definitely a decent product but because of all the complaints and the team not willing to take the time to fix the issues, MentorBox is something I will not recommend you get unless you’re willing to pay the high upsell prices to use the product.

What do you think you’ll try? I hope you’ve found this Mentorbox Review useful! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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