MyFitnessPal Review 2024 -7 Things You Need to Know

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular fitness app which allows you to track your nutrition and your exercise. It aims to help you to live a healthier life which means feeling better, looking better, and living better.

Our MyFitnessPal review will go through 7 facts you need to know about MyFitnessPal to help you use it effectively and improve your lifestyle.

MyFitnessPal Review


Functionality and Features
Food and Exercise Tracking Accuracy
Pricing and Subscription Options
Integration with Other Devices and Apps
Overall Effectiveness for Health and Fitness Goals


MyFitnessPal is a highly effective health and fitness app, renowned for its extensive food database and robust tracking features. It excels in helping users monitor their diet and exercise, contributing to better health and fitness outcomes. The app’s user-friendly interface and compatibility with various fitness devices enhance its usability.
While the free version is quite comprehensive, the premium subscription offers additional benefits for those seeking more detailed tracking and analysis.
MyFitnessPal is particularly beneficial for individuals committed to mindful eating and achieving specific health goals, making it a valuable tool in the journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

MyFitnessPal Review

1.   What is MyFitnessPal?

MyFitnessPal (MFP) is a calorie counting and exercise tracking app which is designed to help you lose, maintain, or gain weight. You can log your activities and break down the nutrient content of everything you eat to work out your daily calorie and nutrition goal. This enables you to analyze patterns and find out what your diet is missing or where you need to cut back a little.

The app holds data on over two million foods so you can type in the brand and it will work out the nutrients.

The whole system of MyFitnessPal is based on calorie counting. The more consistently you track your food and exercise, the more likely you are to lose weight.

MyFitnessPal Diet

2.   Where to Download MyFitnessPal App?

Depending on the type of device you are using and the type of operating system that is under that device, there are different types of app store from where you can download MyFitnessPal app. 

For Android or iPhone users, you can download MyFitnessPal app from Google Play (Android) or Apple App Store (iPhone). MyFitnessPal has gained more than 50 million downloads on Google Play.

The MyFitnessPal app for Apple watch usually installs as soon as you update the app on your iPhone (if the auto-update option is already enabled). In case you are not able to find one, you can manually download the app from your watch by going to App Store, searching and downloading the app.

 MyFitnessPal Apple Watch

3.   What Does MyFitnessPal Do?

  • Food Diary – tracks daily intake of food and beverage anywhere, anytime.
  • Searchable Food Database – offers information on more than 1,000,000 food items.
  • Personal Food Database – users can add their own food and recipes, and access them anytime.
  • Personalized Diet Profile – users can customize their diet profiles to accomplish their weight loss goals.
  • Food Analysis – users receive recommendations for ‘best’ and ‘worst’ food for them.
  • Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal automatically calculates the calories in your foods, meals and recipes.
  • Macro Tracker – MyFitnessPal automatically calculates the macros (carbs, fat, protein) in your foods, meals and recipes.
  • Track All Nutrients – Calories, macros (carbs, fat, protein), sugar, fiber, cholesterol, vitamins, and more.
  • Exercise Calorie Settings – tracks user activity, including running, walking, biking, swimming, yoga, Pilates and more.
  • Discussion Forums – users can interact with MyFitnessPal’s community.

In a word, MyFitnessPal helps in tracking and recommendation.

MyFitnessPal Features

4.   How Does MyFitnessPal Work?

  1. To use MyFitnessPal, you will first want to create a MyFitnessPal account.
  2. Then, you’ll share basic information about yourself, like your height, current weight and goal weight, age, gender, and how active you are each day. Based on your fitness profile, MyFitnessPal will recommend a daily Net Calorie target for you to achieve your weight loss (or gain) goals.
  3. Next, you do log everything you eat and drink each day. You can also log activities either manually or by connecting the app to supported fitness app or fitness tracker. When you look for and log the foods you eat, you can adjust the portion size to a fine degree.
  4. Over time, the online database learns from your input. Many people eat the same foods regularly and MyFitnessPal remembers what you’ve eaten (and the exercise you’ve done most often), and feeds them into its calories counter.
  5. Periodically, you should weigh yourself and check-in your new weight with the site or the app using our Check-In feature.

5.   MyFitnessPal Premium Cost: $9.99/month or $49.99/year

MyFitnessPal has a free tier of service, plus a Premium membership. Premium costs $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

With a free account, you can track food and calories, activity, weight, and a few other metrics. you can unlock more features by upgrading to premium:

  • Change your nutritional dashboard to better plan for your health goals
  • See a food analysis to learn what foods you’re eating are best nutritionally
  • Export your data as CVS files
  • Set your calories goals by meal
  • Set different calorie and macronutrient goals by day of the week
  • Choose to increase daily goals when you exercise
  • View macronutrients by grams or percentage in your log
  • More easily add fat, protein, and carb information and track goals by gram or percentage
  • Get unlimited access to past weekly reports
  • Receive priority customer service
  • Ad-free app access
  • Receive exclusive articles and tips for reaching your goals
MyFitnessPal Premium Cost

6.   Pros & Cons of MyFitnessPal App


  • Has a feature-rich free version.
  • A successful way for many people to lose weight.
  • It’s got a huge database of 11 million food items.
  • The service remembers your most common choices for quick entry.
  • Gives you immediate feedback so you can adjust your food/drink intake accordingly for your individual circumstances and goals.
  • Can help you become more mindful of what you’re eating.


  • Doesn’t work without Internet.
  • Offers little guidance for making better health choices.
  • Might not always seamlessly pair with your wearable tech.
  • The food data base usually has dozens of incorrect entries because it’s user generated.

7.   MyFitnessPal vs. Noom vs. Lose It

ListMyFitnessPalNoomLose It
Monthly Cost9.99$32.25 to $59.993.25
Main Features1. Track your daily food and exercise choices
2. Integrates with fitness tech like FitBit and AppleWatch
3. A free version is available
1. Track your food and workouts
2. All food is classified as “green,” “yellow,” or “red.”
3. Utilizes principles of behavioral psychology to change your relationship to food permanently
1.Calorie counting app designed to help you achieve your goal weight
2. A free version is available
Key Selling PointMyFitnessPal learns from you the longer you use it, making it easier to track your frequent food and workouts.Noom wants to transform how you think about food by diving into the deeper motivations for why you overeat. The program also connects you with coaches and a support group to keep you accountable during the process.Lose It includes a barcode scanner for easier food tracking.

We hope this detailed post on MyFitnessPal review at least give you a know-how about the app.

Is MyFitnessPal worth the money? If you’re serious about tracking your food intake, I think it’s worth it to invest in the premium version of MyFitnessPal. If you just want to watch your calories, using the free version is okay.

Finally, I hope you take this first step towards a healthier future.

Disclaimer: Our review process is independent. We have no relationship with the app developers or companies and no responsibility for the service they provide. This means that if you have an issue with one of the apps we have reviewed, you will need to contact the app developer or company directly.

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