Freeletics Review 2024: Is It the Best Bodyweight Workout App

Since we’ve been spending so much time at home over the past few months, many people may want to find some apps that can help do at-home exercise.

Freeletics is my choice. Instead of hiring a coach or personal trainer, I can just download the Freeletics apps and it’ll give me workouts and track my progress. The best thing is I don’t need any equipment to finish the exercise.

Here’s a detailed Freeletics review that outlines everything you need to know about the app. Keep reading to find how Freeletics can take your fitness to the next level whether you’re at home or on the go.

Freeletics Review


Workout Effectiveness and Variety
User Interface and Accessibility
Customization and Personalization
Nutritional Guidance and Meal Planning
Pricing and Subscription Options
Overall Fitness Experience


Freeletics stands out as a comprehensive fitness app, perfect for those seeking structured, high-intensity workouts at home or on the go. It offers a range of effective exercises that adapt to user progress, complemented by personalized nutritional guidance. The app’s user-friendly interface and diverse workout options cater to different fitness levels.
While the app could benefit from a more integrated approach to its various features and a month-to-month subscription option, its effectiveness and variety make it a strong contender in the digital fitness space.
Freeletics is ideal for individuals needing direction and motivation for at-home workouts.


What Is Freeletics

Freeletics is a digital personal training platform that you can use to access personalized workouts right from your smartphone. But Freeletics is not a single app. There were actually our Freeletics apps: Training Coach, Nutrition, Running, and Gym. However, at the time we write the post, we can only find the Freeletics Training Coach and Freeletics Nutrition on Google Play and App Store.

With Freeletics, you no longer need an expensive gym membership or FaceTime with a personal trainer to receive personalized, high-quality workouts that are designed specifically for you and your fitness goals. 

Freeletics Training Coach Review

When you first download the app, it’ll promote you to answer some basic questions. For example:

  • What’s your gender?
  • What are your top 3 goals? (increase endurance, relieve stress, improve fitness, gain strength, or lose weight)
  • What’s your fitness level? (on a scale of “not fit at all” to “really fit”)
  • How would you like to train? (either by using your own bodyweight, by running, or with a barbell and weights.)
Freeletics Training Coach Review
Training Coach Review

After the questionnaire (which takes less than a minute), it analyzes your data and provides a list of recommended “training journeys” based on your responses. The home page is filled with exercise challenges that are posted every few days.

Here’s an example of my personalized journey:

Week 1~4: Adaptation – Get accustomed to ruining over distance.

Week 5~8: Endurance accumulation – Increase the volume and intensity to solidify improvements.

Week 9~12: Endurance realization – Put your progress to use with maximum endurance training.

The exercises are demonstrated by a video as you do them, complete with a timer, and a progress bar to let you know how much work you still have left to do. At the end of the workout, your time is recorded, you can make any notes you wish to about the workout or the exercises, and you’re awarded points. 

Benefits with the Freeletics Coach:

  • Custom Training Journeys to guide you anytime, anywhere.
  • Guidance for beginners and advanced athletes.
  • AI coaching for endless training combinations.
  • Reach your goal in 6, 8, or 12 weeks.

Freeletics Nutrition Review

Freeletics Nutrition is powered by a digital Coach that tailors your nutrition according to your individual needs and goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain mass, or simply improve your overall health, Freeletics Nutrition offers you a personalized diet plan that includes what, when, and how much to eat.

You have to download a separate app – Freeletics Nutrition to access to the nutrition plan (use your existing login details to access it). Depending on your Freeletics subscription, a nutrition plan is either going to cost you extra or will be included in the bundle.

Anyone just has to answer some basic questions and filter their region or country and the app will display loads of recipes which will be beneficial for your health. You can select those recipes according to your preference like vegetarian etc.

Every recipes displays cooking instructions, ingredients, total calories, and cooking time. My favorite bit – you’ll see your protein, carb, and fat intake with every meal. No need to combine it with apps like MyFitnessPal to see results.

Freeletics Nutrition Review

How Much Is Freeletics?

You can access a list of single exercises (with 1-minute demos of each) on the Freeletics Coach Training app for free, but if you decide to move forward with one of the customized workout plans, it requires a paid subscription.

The same with the Freeletics Nutrition app, if you need the personalized nutrition plan, you need to upgrade to your plane.

You have the 8 options to pay for:

  • Training Only – 3 months ($34.99)
  • Training Only – 6 months ($59.99)
  • Training Only – 12 months ($74.99)
  • Nutrition Only – 3 months ($30.99)
  • Nutrition Only – 12 months ($70.99)
  • Training + Nutrition – 3 months ($49.99)
  • Training + Nutrition – 6 months ($89.99)
  • Training + Nutrition – 12 months ($114.99)
Freeletics Cost

Freeletics Pros and Cons

The Good:

  • Perfect for working out at home or while traveling.
  • The workouts are effective and get progressively harder (they will adjust based on your feedback).
  • Time commitment is relatively small – the workouts are short but high intensity.
  • It does not require you to have a home gym, a rack of free weights, or other fitness equipment.
  • Freeletics integrates nutritional advice, meal planning, and mindfulness exercises into your personalized training plan.
  • The platform offers a range of pricing options to fit all budgets.

The Bad:

  • There is no month-to-month subscription option.
  • While the application does have a free version to download, most of its features don’t come for free.
  • Freeletics should have organized all of their apps in a better way. Or they should have combined all the apps in a single app.
  • Freeletics motivates you to beat your previous time and always compete with yourself. Some might say it’s a con because it is too intensive.

Is Freeletics a Good Bodyweight Workout App?

There is no enough evidence on the Freeletics Training Coach or Nutrition programs to gauge if a user can effectively lose weight. However, we all know that exercise and healthy eating promote weight loss, and Freeletics does well in these two aspects.

At the end of the Freeletics review, I would definitely recommend this app for those who needs a set schedule and a bit of direction in order to do exercise at home easily. Any workout is better than no workout, and it is easier to start to exercise at home.

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