Is the BetterMe App Worth the Hype? My Honest Review

Like Noom, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum and Freeletics, BetterMe is another app claims to help people get healthier by offering workout options and diet plans right at your fingertips.

In this detailed BetterMe app review, we’ll see if this app can really take you to a better and fit tomorrow with vast range of workout and diet plans.

Here we go.

BetterMe App Review


Personalization and Customization
User Interface and Accessibility
Effectiveness of Workouts
Nutritional Guidance
Pricing and Subscription Options
Overall User Experience and Satisfaction


BetterMe is a fitness and nutrition app designed to offer personalized workout and diet plans.
While it excels in providing a variety of workouts and an easy-to-use interface, the app falls short in its nutritional guidance, with limited meal options and unrealistic plans for some users. The fluctuating subscription prices and difficulties in managing subscriptions have also been points of concern.
Despite these drawbacks, BetterMe is a decent choice for those looking for diverse at-home workouts. However, users looking for comprehensive nutritional advice might find better alternatives in other fitness apps like Noom or MyFitnessPal.

BetterMe App Review

What is the BetterMe App?

BetterMe: Home Workout & Diet is an app created by BetterMe company which was founded in 2016 by Victoria Repa and Vitaly Laptenok.

This app BetterMe is determined to improve physical and mental health by providing simple gamified solutions to people with no fitness or meditation experience, who are new to the concept of a healthy lifestyle but suffer from varied health problems. Briefly, BetterMe helps you achieve your personal goals by building and modifying your meal and workout plans. You get assistance with setting goals and tips along the way toward accomplishing them. 

Currently, BetterMe supports 16 languages which include English, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

Main Features of BetterMe App

  • Users get an AI-based personalized workout and meal programs according to their parameters, weight expectations, diet preferences, and restrictions.
  • User-friendly calorie tracker – carbs, fats and proteins display order and display in grams for all.
  • An extensive recipe database with filters, video instruction, and shopping list.
  • Quick and effective workouts that cater to different fitness needs and levels. BetterMe has more than 1,500 workout programs users can do every day, with nearly 700 exercises that include everything from traditional weightlifting to fat-frying Tabata to stress-busting stretching.
Main Features of BetterMe App

How BetterMe Works

Like many other fitness apps, you need to answer many questions once you open the app. The questions mainly related to your gender, age, weight, height, body type, diet type, bad habits, goal and many more. Then, the app will generate a personalized plan for you based on the information you provided.

Then, you can start your plan by doing your workout, logging your meal, tracking your steps and water intake. There are many exercise you can follow, including Yoga, Tabata, Pilates and more.

How BetterMe Works

How Much BetterMe Costs: Free vs Premium?

BetterMe is free to download, but a subscription will give you additional benefits such as Chat with a Personal Coach: a real human trainer who is at your service round the clock.

BetterMe offers various subscription options to choose from. You may subscribe for a week for $5.99, 12 weeks for $29.99, and get lifetime subscription for $149.99. The good news is that there are often discounts and promotions to score an even better deal. For example, I get 1-year subscription for $19.99 and few minutes it changed to $29.99.

BetterMe Costs

BetterMe App Review: The Verdict

The BetterMe has been download over 10 million times in Google Play with a 3.6 rating of nearly 90,000 people. The same as the most users of BetterMe, I would not recommend BetterMe at present. Here are my reasons:

  • The meal plan has a limited food data base.
  • The nutrition part is not realistic and the meal ingredients are not feasible for everyone.
  • The basic plan doesn’t even allow you to log your water.
  • There is not FAQ page on their website and the app. Users cannot cancel subscription and ask for refund easily. Email response was a standard ‘we will get back to you’.
  • There is no a standard subscription price because the price can be changed frequently.

Finally, I wouldn’t recommend BetterMe to anyone. Noom, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum or Freeletics would be a much better choice.

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