Honest Noom Review (2024): 10 Ways You’ll ACTUALLY Got Fit!

Noom, a fitness and weight-loss program, claims to be the “last weight-loss program you’ll ever need”. But, uh, can it really help you lose weight? How does it help you get fit?

In this Noom review, we find 10 ways to use Noom that can actually help you get fit. Follow them to shed unwanted pounds from now on.

Noom Review

#Way 1: Make A Plan First

Once you installed the Noom app, you’ll be asked a series of questions and then offered a personalized nutrition or weight loss plan based on your goals, age, gender, weight and a series of psychological factors.

#Way 2: Learn Healthy Eating & Exercise Habits

Every day you receive a new batch of short, engaging articles and quizzes from Noom. The topics vary, but every article and quiz offers information geared toward helping you reconfiguring the way you think about food and exercise, and learn tips and tricks to keep you on track.

#Way 3: Weigh in Daily

You’ll receive notifications throughout the day that remind to you weigh yourself, take a quiz, or track your food. For daily weigh-ins, most people need to open the Noom app and manually enter in their number from their bathroom scale and some may connect with smart scales to fill the number automatically. The system also tracks and monitors blood sugar levels and blood pressure, which is a great benefit for those concerned or even interested in making sure their levels are healthy and maintained. After a while, it will become a routine part of your morning and virtually impossible to forget.

#Way 4: Eat Mindfully with Color-coding System

As you log your food, you’ll notice that Noom has a color-coding system that categorizes food into three colors: green, yellow, and red.

  • Green foods are foods with the least amount of calories per ounce and they include mostly whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Yellow foods have more calories per ounce and include beans, low-fat cheeses, yogurt, and many low-fat types of meat.
  • Red foods are the most calorie-dense and include red meat, juice, nuts, chocolate, and pizza.

The app then sets an allowance for each group and though it doesn’t restrict you from having a certain type of food, it does prioritize raw and lean foods while deprioritizing things like sweets and carbs.  


#Way 5: Track your Daily Calories

At heart, Noom is a calorie-counting program, and it gives you a daily goal for calorie consumption that you aim to hit every day. Noom has a comprehensive food log where you type in what you ate and track your daily calories. If your food isn’t in Noom’s database, you can manually add the nutrition information. Although the nutrition information wasn’t always accurate, it encouraged you to reach for healthier foods. 

#Way 6: Follow The Eating Plans Created by Registered Dieticians

There are a lot of fad diets out there that promise quick success, but frequently don’t provide long-term results. With Noom, your eating plan is created by nutritionists and registered dieticians, which ensures that you are not only losing weight, you are eating healthily.

#Way 7: Make Use of the Free Diet Materials

On the app there are many diet materials from recipes and articles to workout guides. There are over 1,000 recipes for the users to choose from. 

#Way 8: Follow The Fitness Plans That Fit into Your Lifestyle

Exercise is an important part of permanent weight loss and Noom will help you find a fitness plan that will fit into your goals and lifestyle.

#Way 9: Connect with Health Coaches to Get Help

By signing up for the subscription service of Noom you will have a real person review your current habits and diet to identify mistakes you’re making and any nutrition you may be lacking.

Research has shown that receiving regular health coaching — whether virtually or in person — is effective for weight loss and other health-related goals like stress management 

Noom Coach

#Way 10: Find Support and Advice from the online Forum

While having a dietitian available for all types of questions is great, a lot of people find that being able to reach out to others that might have the same problems is another great way to find support and advice. On Noom, you can share your goals with other people on the forum and post updates as you achieve milestones. This forum is open and available 24/7. Users can discuss their journey, encourage each other and share tips. 

Noom Review: Bottom Line

Noom promotes healthy lifestyle changes for long-term results by emphasizing calorie- and nutrient-dense foods and allowing all foods to fit into your diet.

At the end of the Noom review, I would recommend the Noom app to someone who wants to address weight loss with a slow, methodical approach that relies on accountability and retraining how you think about food and exercise.

Note: I wouldn’t recommend the app to anyone who’s struggled with disordered eating since it may be triggering, or to anyone who has (or suspects) a medical issue tied to their weight. In such cases, working with a medical professional is ideal. 

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