Tinder Error 40303? How to Get Unbanned from Tinder in 2024

In the midst of a conversation this morning, tinder kicks me off, requests that I log back in, and immediately gives me an A:40303 error. I received an email that my account was banned for violating terms and conditions, out of nowhere. No warning or anything. I’ve been using Tinder for years without a single issue, and suddenly this. I even paid for the unlimited swipes because it seemed worth it.

Some of Tinder users may see 40303 error and cannot login to Tinder again. So how to fix the error? The post tells you the details.

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Fix Tinder Error 40303

What’s Tinder Error 40303?

Error 40303 is the worst message you can get on Tinder. It means you’ve been banned due to other users reporting you. As you already know that tinder has a strict privacy policy, even 3 reports can lead to a ban. The consequence is that you cannot login to Tinder again.

But why you are reported and banned?

Nudity content, copyright infringement, harassment, hate, scamming and spamming etc. violate tinder’s terms and service so if your account is involved in any of these, you get kicked off tinder. 

How to Get Unbanned from Tinder?

Is there a confirmed 40303 Tinder Fix? The answer to this question is NO.

The only possible fix is appealing to Tinder support, but don’t hold out much hope. It is very hard to get an account unbanned.

Now, email tinder about the error on help@gotinder.com. Tell them what’s going on and ask them to look into it. Explain that you have no idea why you have been banned and have not knowingly broken Tinder’s terms. Then leave it to see if they will revoke the ban.

You have a better chance of getting your account back if you are polite and are a paying member. After all, they don’t want to lose too much money since paying members are the people who often get banned.

Tips for Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold subscribers:

If you subscribed using your iPhone or Android device, you’ll need to cancel your subscription to prevent future payments. For steps on how to cancel, please visit this Tinder help article

How to Create a New Tinder Account after Error 40303

As you already know there’s almost no way you can get your account back, you can get a fresh start by creating a new one. However, even if you get a new Facebook account and another number, they still track down your IP address and shut it down again.

There are three ways that Tinder can detect you and your account can be banned again because of those facts. First one is your IP number. The second one is your Facebook account. The third one is your cache and data.

Please follow the steps below to create a new Tinder account successfully.

If you are an Android user:

Step 1. Go to Settings > Apps and find Tinder. Then tap Force Stop.

Step 2. Select Storage > Clear Cache and Clear Data and then go back.

Step 3. Uninstall Tinder from your phone.

Step 4. Create a new Facebook account.

Step 5. Run VPN on your phone.

Step 6. Install Tinder from Google Play and associate your new Facebook account with Tinder

If you are an iPhone user:

Step 1. Tap and hold on Tinder main screen > Tap x icon to uninstall.

Step 2. Create a new Facebook account.

Step 3. Install a VPN service for iPhone or iPad.

Step 4. Run VPN application on your phone.

Step 5. Reinstall Tinder from App Store.

Note: Please don’t forget to run VPN before you enter to Tinder.

How to Avoid Being Banned on Tinder

It may sound obvious but the best way to avoid error 40303 is to not get banned in the first place. For that there are some practical rules to follow when using the app.

  • Don’t talk about politics or religion unless the other person starts it.
  • Moderate your tone and be reasonable at all times.
  • Never be racist, sexist or inflammatory.
  • Don’t send nudes through Tinder.
  • Avoid being a douche and watch your language.

For more details, please read the Community Guidelines of Tinder.

Tinder Community Guides

Final Words

Always be polite on Tinder and other dating platforms. Otherwise, you will receive error code 40303 again and again. Dating safe and happy!

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