Top 11 Apps like Lomotif Music Video Editor in 2024

Lomotif is one of the best music video editor that is specially made for those who want to make mini music videos for Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms. Millions of people have used Lomotif to make their videos more unique with special music.

Is there any app like Lomotif? We pick up 11 best apps like Lomotif Music Video Editor for you! Follow this article to find out other similar apps like Lomotif to create your stunning music videos.

Apps like Lomotif

1.   Likee – Magic Music Video Editor

Likee calls itself a “magic music video editor”. That “magic” is augmented reality which results in effects that look like ones you might see in a Marvel movie. The videos you create won’t be realistic, but it’s fun to watch yourself disappear in a cloud of smoke or play with lightning — both of which can be done at the touch of a button when filming with the “4D Magic” and “Superpower” modes.

Shooting music videos is easy because Likee can set its special effects at full sync with your audio or music. If you do not feel like lip-syncing with the music, there is the Dubsmash feature where instead of songs, users will get to lip-sync scripts and lines from famous movies and other popular videos.

Likee App

2.    TikTok – Make Your Day

Being that it began as a lip syncing app, adding sound and music to your videos is a vital part of Tiktok’s function. Most TikTok videos you watch are accompanied by a song. TikTok has vast library of music, voiceovers, and sounds for you to choose from.

Want to add a song or audio effect to your video on TikTok? Just click on “sounds” at the top of the recording screen. After you’ve recorded your TikTok video, you can add stickers, filters, voice or sound effects, sound effects, and text layers.

Tips: Due to copyright reasons, you can’t add your own sounds to TikTok anymore, but you can still select from their vast library of music, voiceovers, and sounds.

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3.   VideoFX Music Video Maker

VideoFX Music Video Maker is a tool that allows you to create your own music video clips in just a matter of seconds. You just have to tape a video with one of the many available effects, choose a song and save them to your Android’s memory.

Features of VideoFX Music Video Maker:

  • Create lip-sync videos to your favorite songs.
  • Select MP3 songs from your device library or use microphone.
  • You can apply over 50 video effects such as Film, Ghost, Cartoon, Cinematic, Stroboscope, Thermal, Mirror, Neon and others, many of them for free.
  • Pause and resume shooting at any time to change scene, review your footage and discard your last taken scene if needed.

4.   Triller – Social Video Platform

Triller allows users to create lip sync videos for their favorite songs with an editing algorithm that uses intelligent audio and facial analysis to decide when to cut. Music fans simply pick a song, choose a section of the song, and shoot a few video takes. Then with the push of a button, Triller edits the takes together to create a stunning music video. 

Features of Triller:

  • Choose from tons of songs available in the app along with your own music catalog.
  • Automatic editing of videos, which works like a charm.
  • Tons of cool filters and video modes like fast and slow motion.
  • Sharing options to almost all social networks and email or SMS etc.
  • Processing options and ability to synchronize audio.

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5.   Funimate: Video Editor & Music Clip Star Effects

Another similar app like Lomotif is the Funimate. This music video editor composes your videos with great video & text effects to get featured and show off your creativity.

Funimate instantly transforms your everyday life moments into creative & cool videos with unique real-time effects added with text, emoji & stickers.

Features of Funimate:

  • Easily add favorite music to your videos from the collections.
  • More than 100 video effects to choose for your videos with the free video editor.
  • Add emojis, text, stickers to enhance your creativity with slow-motion or lip-sync videos.
  • Create collaborative videos with your best friends and share it with others.
  • Show your creativity and get featured to grow your fan base inside the community.

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6.   Vinkle – Music Video Maker

Vinkle is a video editor and photo editor app developed by Big Head Brothers. You can make creative and attractive videos of yourself and post it on social network sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. The interface is easy to use with a lot of features to choose from which includes pre built music videos, templates, 3D effects. You will love this app which helps to create hilarious and funny videos of yourself which can then be shared with your friends and family. 

Also, it comes with a host of 100+ musical videos for free which lets you enjoy multimedia features without any problem. In order to use the app, you need to record a video in real time with the music and beat of your choice. There is an in-built library available to choose the music beats and also a section called featured media. 

Vinkle – Music Video Maker

7. – Music Video Maker with Effects is one of the best FREE HD music video maker and photo slideshow maker with trendy templates, popular music, stunning transitions, and video effects.

Features of

  • offers amounts of templates with great effects + transitions, updated constantly.
  • Each transition follows the exact music rhythm and make your video stand out.
  • Dozens of high-quality FREE music can perfectly meet users’ different requirements.
  • Share your creative videos to Facebook, Instagram, and other SNS anytime and anywhere. - Music Video Maker with Effects

8.   MuStar: Lip-sync Musically Video Editor

MuStar is a lip-sync short video maker & editor with some amazing effects and filters added to it. There are millions of songs available to choose from to create your amazing video using your phone camera.

Features of MuStar:

  • Powered with cool video effects.
  • A huge database of songs and movie excerpts available.
  • Combine video clips to make one video, edit lip-sync movie with music and photos
  • Participate in contests to compete with others in the community.
  • Easily share your videos with other friends on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & WhatsApp


Zoomerang is a simple music video editing app that’s perfect for beginners. It includes one-button step-by-step in-app tutorials. This means you can watch popular videos and learn how to create those videos for yourself.

This app also includes video editing tools like effects, filters, music, and more.

A pro subscription will get you an ad-free experience and access to additional effects and video editing features.


10. Tempo – Music Video Maker with Effects

As a free music video maker, Tempo has a lot of popular themes/special subtitles available for editing, and a wide variety of music to choose from. It offers the best editing tools for you to quick cut/trim/crop/merge/reverse/rotate video clips and add music easily, or make video from pics and song.

11.  InShot – Video Editor & Video Maker

The last one app we wanted to tell you about that makes our list of the top apps like Lomotif is InShot. InShot is a free HD video editor and video maker with great features like trim/cut video, blur background, music, effects, and more.

InShot has a ton of sound effects, voice over effects, music, and many other tools available for you. You can also synchronize your video and sound effortlessly with the timeline features, and that is one of the more awesome things about InShot. 

InShot - Video Editor & Video Maker

Wrapping Up

Have you found the best app like Lomotif that meets your standard to make creative music videos? For me, TikTok is my favorite Lomotif alternative. TikTok has vast variety songs in the app itself and better, it has huge user base which would be helpful when I want to show my music videos to the world.

What’s your favorite app for music video editing like Lomotif?

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