Best App for Spying and Monitoring – XNSPY Vs. FlexiSpy Vs. mSpy

With every day passing, the number of internet users is increasing. We agree that the importance of technology is not deniable in the development and growth of the kids. However, appreciating your 3-year-old while he spends his whole day using the iPad is not considered ideal parenting. Then, many people are searching for parental monitoring apps to help themselves to keep an eye on their kids and ensure their safety.

In our previous posts, we review XNSPY, FlexiSpy and mSpy in details. In this article, you’ll find a brief comparison of these 3 best apps for spying and monitoring. Which one has most useful features and cheaper price? Keep on reading to find the answer.

Best App for Spying and Monitoring

First of All, Is It Legal to Use Spying and Monitoring App?

There are plenty of spying and monitoring apps in the market and it’s obvious that they all exist as they are working in a legal manner. However, you may use them in illegal manner.  

You might have already seen such ads offering you to “Catch Your Cheating Spouse or Partner with Spy Application”, but remember that it’s most likely illegal where you live, and all of the companies offering tracking services, will always include a disclaimer somewhere on the website to advise that they have no responsibility towards the user if they are caught breaking any laws. If you plan to spy on your partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband, you can’t possibly do it legally. Can you imagine offering a phone to your mate and advising them it’s being tracked, and that you can see everything they do on it?

Then, when is it legal to use spying and monitoring app?

The most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that you can only spy after taking the consent of the target person. If your child is not an adult, you can monitor them even without telling them about the spying app. Even though it’s not necessary to tell the teens about the installation of a tracking app on their phone, it’s suggested you reveal it to them.

XNSPY Vs. FlexiSpy Vs. mSpy: Compatibility Comparison

When it comes to compatibility, both XNSPY and mSpy have strong foothold. They let you track both Android and iOS devices in the same manner. The best part is that you get to decide whether you want to jailbreak the device. Of course, if you jailbreak your iOS device, you will have some additional features. That, however, comes at the extra cost of security. On the Android side of things, installing mSpy and XNSPY does not require rooting. However, if you do need access to features like instant message monitoring, you should better root your phone.

Flexispy is the epitome of compatibility, if you ask us. It’s the only program in the whole list to offer computer tracking systems as well. This is great if you need a combined spy system that can take care of iOS, Android, Windows and macOS.  However, if you want to track an iPhone, it must be jailbreaked. That’s what we don’t like.

XNSPY Vs. FlexiSpy Vs. mSpy: Compatibility Comparison

XNSPY Vs. FlexiSpy Vs. mSpy: Features Comparison

When choosing a spy software, we may care about the spy features most. Let’s have an overview of what’s the USP (Unique Selling Point) of each service.

FlexiSpy – FlexiSpy would be the most feature-rich smartphone spy software out there. Of course, you can expect all the basic tracking features like call logs, message logs, photo access and other media access. However, in addition to all these, mSpy is also offering features like call recording and call intercepting which XNSPY and mSpy fall behind.

mSpy – mSpy is one of the best Snapchat spy app. From the list below, you can see that both XNSPY and FlexiSpy don’t support snapchat spy, but mSpy does.

XNSPY – It’s a pity that we cannot find a feature that XNSPY has while both FlexiSpy and mSpy don’t have.

No Jailbreak VersionYESNOYES
Installation ServiceYESYESYES
Call InterceptNOYESNO
Call RecordingYESYESNO
Call BlockingNOYESYES
Surroundings RecordYESYESNO
Text MessagesYESYESYES
Photos VideosYESYESYES
View Installed AppsYESYESYES
Gps Tracking HistoryYESYESYES
Facebook MessengerYESYESYES
Remote Pause StartYESYESYES
Remote DeactivateYESYESYES

XNSPY Vs. FlexiSpy Vs. mSpy: Price Comparison

The prices vary quite a bit and obviously you need to pay extra for so called Premium features such as call recording and intercepting. 

mSpy and Xnspy both offer two packages each and they both call them “Basic” and “Premium.” Both apps offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. Obviously, mSpy’s basic plan for one month ($29.99) is cheaper than Xnspy’s monthly package which stands at $49.99. Then, the FlexiSpy Lite package is the cheapest, but it only available in 1-month plan.

When comparing the “Premium” package, XNSPY is cheaper than mSpy and FlexiSpy.

Product1 Month3 MonthsFull Year
MSpy Basic$29.99$59.99$99.99
MSpy Premium$69.99$119.99$199.99
Flexispy Lite$29.95//
Flexispy Premium$68.00$99.00$149.00
Flexispy Extreme/$199.00$349.00
Xnspy Basic$49.99$69.99$99.99
Xnspy Premium$59.99$99.99$149.99

XNSPY Vs. FlexiSpy Vs. mSpy: Popularity

We cannot believe the official statics saying that how many people are using these service because many of them may boost the number. Then, I decide to use Google trends to see how many people are searching for these 3 top app for mobile spying and monitoring. In the past 12 months, it seems than mSpy is popular than XNSPY and FlexiSpy.

XNSPY Vs. FlexiSpy Vs. mSpy: Which Is The Best App for Spying & Monitoring

We have come to a conclusion after considering all these points. So which is the best app for mobile spying and monitoring? It all depends on your needs.

mSpy is the best choice if you are looking for a cheaper spy software that have standard spying features. Also, if you specifically need a Snapchat spy app, mSpy is the one.

Flexispy is designed for those who need as many spying features as possible. However, its “Extreme” package would be pricey.

XNSPY is probably the most suitable option if you want to get more feature but pay less. Its “Premium” package is cost-effective when comparing to the premium package of mSpy and FlexiSpy. But you should aware that it doesn’t offer so many advanced features.

We hope this comparison between mSpy vs Flexispy vs XNSPY helps you to choose the right smartphone spying software for your needs.

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