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In last post, we have introduced “what is BIGO LIVE“. Since BIGO LIVE app is downloaded by millions of people, BIGO has come up with BIGO Live Connector to help you stream your computer screen in real time on their platform.

“BIGO LIVE Connector” or “BIGO LIVE Connector for PC” is a program that allows you to broadcast your gameplay on PC with one-click scanning.

Here are the details on how to use the connector.


  • Bigo LIVE Connector is available for Windows PC. The minimum requirement is a Windows 7 OS installed on your device. For PC’s with Windows 7 and above can install and utilize the benefits of Bigo Connector. You can download Bigo Live Connector PC in the official website.
  • To use BIGO Live Connector, you need to have BIGO LIVE application pre-installed on your mobile.

Tips: If you received “Your device is not supported” or “error code: 27” when opened BIGO LIVE PC Connector, it means your computer is not compatible.

Step 1. Download, install and launch BIGO LIVE Connector on your Windows PC.

Launch BIGO LIVE Connector

Step 2. There are two options – Game Capture and Screen Capture.

Game Capture: Bigo Connector will capture only the particular game or the application which you choose from the dropdown list. You can choose any game or application which you want to broadcast.

Screen Capture: Bigo PC Connector will capture your entire screen. Whatever you do on your PC will get streamed live using this option.

It is advisable to adjust your game settings to window mode or borderless mode under screen capture to avoid black screen.

Step 3: Once you have chosen your mode of live broadcasting, then open the Bigo Live app on your mobile and click the Go Live button in the middle.

Step 4: There will be two options

1. Live – It will turn on your camera and make you Live. You can perform activities which will attract people. Example: You can sing a song to attract the people.

2. Games – There are two modes of games.

  • Mobile Games – If you are choosing mobile games, then you can give a title to the Go Live Game you are about to choose. Then select the game in the drop-down box and click go live. This option will open the game on your mobile and stream it online.
  • Computer Games – If you are choosing computer game, then scan the QR code from the Bigo Live Connector installed on your PC. It will automatically make your game to stream online.
BIGO Connector

Step 5: Once you scan the QR code, you have already begun the live show!

BIGO LIVE Connector


Q: Why there is black screen when streaming LOL?

If you are using Windows 10, please run BIGO LIVE PC Connector as admin, otherwise some games can’t be recorded. Please see the image below to learn more about authorization.

BIGO LIVE Connector Admin

Q: Why there is delay when live streaming video games?

The fluency of your live stream is determined by your network environment, computer specifications, internet connection speed, phone configuration, etc. If most users pause a lot in your room, you can check your network environment and computer configuration. It’s normal for a few seconds delay between your phone and computer.

Now let BIGO capture your game playing while you stream it directly to the Bigo community.

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