Fabulous App Review-The Habit App That’s Changed My Life

  • Struggle to wake up in the morning?
  • Can’t sleep at night because you don’t feel tired?
  • Can’t concentrate on a single task because of ADHD?
  • Want to maximize your energy?

You may need a habit-tracking and motivational app like Fabulous. I use the Fabulous app to build healthy habits and making smart changes in my life.

In this full Fabulous app review, I’ll share my own experience with the app. Let’s learn how the Fabulous app can uplift your lifestyle and daily routine.

Fabulous: A Science-Based App for Building Healthy Habits and Transforming Your Life

Ease of Use


Fabulous is a unique, science-based app designed to help users build healthy habits and achieve their personal goals. With its customizable programs, daily challenges, and habit tracking features, Fabulous empowers users to improve their overall well-being through small, consistent changes. The app’s visually appealing interface and engaging content, such as motivational quotes and educational articles, make it easy and enjoyable to incorporate healthy habits into daily routines. While a subscription is required for full access, Fabulous’ commitment to lasting change and its science-backed approach make it a valuable tool for those seeking to transform their lives and cultivate healthier habits.


What is Fabulous? 

Fabulous is a daily planner and self-care habit tracking app available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Incubated in Duke University’s Behavioral Economics Lab, Fabulous was developed based on research in behavioral science principles, specifically how creating small habits, and building upon them, can lead to lasting behavioral change.

The app has more than 500,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. And both in App Store and Play Store, Fabulous is an Editor’s Choice fitness and health app.


  • Best apps 2018 in self-care in the App Store.
  • Best App Finalist in Google Play Awards
  • Google Material Design award winner
Fabulous App Review

How does Fabulous work? 

1. Signing Up

Fabulous has an easy-to-navigate interface and a comforting aesthetic of blue and purple colors. When you open the app on your phone for the first time, you will be prompted to enter a user name, your email address, and answer several questions. It will ask you questions like “how many hours of sleep you get per night” and “How often do you focus on the future?”

After answering a few more basic questions, Fabulous configures a “journey” for you based on your answers and will ask you to sign a “contract” that says:

“I, [your name], will make the most of tomorrow. I will always remember that I will not live forever. Every fear and irritation that threatens to distract me will become fuel for building my best life one day at a time.”

Fabulous Signing Up

2. Journeys

The first journey on the app centers on adding one positive step to your routine each day, like drinking water as soon as you wake up.

After you get in the habit of drinking water, you get to continue building your morning routine by adding a new habit, such as eating a nutritious breakfast or exercising after waking up. Fabulous lets you take up to 14 Journeys. Only the 1st journey is unlocked. You can unlock the 2nd chapter by completing the 1st and it takes 3 days to “unlock” a task.

The Fabulous app can remind you to complete your daily challenge when you wake up. The option to enable reminders will be displayed when your first challenge is ready.

Each time you tick off a habit as completed or complete an entire routine successfully, the app responds with words of encouragement and magic-like sound effects. Once you’ve completed a streak, the app rewards you with a new challenge or a special letter.


3. Coaching

Here you can see reflective behavioral insight to help you develop new habits more effectively.

Note: It can be unlocked after 5 habits are completed.

4. Make Me Fabulous

This is a set of guided training series that help you make your Fabulous experience even better. There’s a dashboard that showcases your goals and journey progress, allowing you to track your performance.

5. Circles

This is where you get to read posts and advice by other people who are also on Fabulous. As you learn the struggles that brought them to Fabulous or gain tips on subjects that are also relevant to you, you’ll feel like you belong to a community of people who, like you, just want to be better.

6. Discover

Here you can find many pictures and advice to make yourself happier and healthier.

Fabulous Discover

Fabulous Pricing

In this app, some journeys are free of cost. However, there’s a big difference between the free version and the premium version.

Premium Features:

  • Unlock unlimited habits.
  • Daily coaching.
  • All premium journeys.
  • Premium make me fabulous sessions.
  • New background music for fabulous moment.

For the paid premium version with additional offerings, the app offers a 7-day free trial. After that, it’s $3.33 per month, billed yearly at $39.99. During my new testing, it also shows me the premium subscription fee is $49.99/yearly. Be careful for the price!

You can get a feel of the free version first to see if it’s working for you or a need to upgrade. 

Note: If you’re on the free trial, know that once your trial period lapses, automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off. So, make sure to cancel well before the free trial ends.

Fabulous Pricing

Fabulous Pros and Cons


  • It has an easy-to-navigate interface with pleasing designs and graphics.
  • The sessions are science-backed and created in collaboration with researchers.
  • All the routines show how long each task is going to take.
  • Starts out small and gradually builds up habits through using the app.
  • Customizable morning, afternoon and evening routines.


  • There’s not a lot of options or customization if you don’t pay for the full version.
  • You’re unable to set nondaily habits.
  • I can’t edit for the previous day if I’ve done the tasks but had forgot to check it off on the app meaning I lose my progress.

Summary of My Review of Fabulous

Despite Fabulous is not perfect, I can’t deny what a positive presence Fabulous has become in my daily life. However, what make this app really work is resolution to make changes in your life. Otherwise, you’ll find this app (or any similar app) is all a waste of time.

For those that struggle with procrastination, lethargy, or really just want to jump-start their productivity, I engorge you to use this app. It will help motivate you to get on your feet.

If you find you are willing to change your life, but Fabulous is not fit for you, you can keep reading to find more apps like Fabulous.

Apps Like Fabulous

Here is a list of apps like Fabulous:

  1. Headspace – best for meditation
  2. iBreathe – best for stress
  3. Happify – planning your day around your habits
  4. Recovery Record – best for eating disorders
  5. Productive – best for people who want guidance on building habits
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