5 Apps to Write Essays for You in 2024

Have you ever found yourself rushing to complete an assignment, project, or term paper?

How often have you ever tried meeting the deadline?

In most instances, a last-minute rush to complete an assignment leads to typo mistakes, skipping some instructions in the prompt, and even plagiarizing some of the texts. In this case, you might end up losing points and consequently failing to meet cut points for a specific subject or course. So, what strategies could you use to avoid the deadline catastrophe?

We recommend using your laptop, android phone, iPad, or iPhone to access either free or premium essay writing software for proofreading, checking grammar, or inserting citations.

Essay Writing Apps

What Are Priority Apps to Help Write Essays in Schools?

1. Grammarly

Although it has a premium option, Grammarly is one of the best free apps to write essays for both students and professionals in the corporate world. Ideally, this app will save your time in correcting misspelling, punctuation mistakes, and other grammatical issues.

With Grammarly, you have a chance to install add-ons on your word program or directly use it on the web browser. Depending on your intended usage, you can use your debit card, PayPal, or credit card to pay for the monthly subscription of approximately $25. The app also allows subscriptions for the team. For instance, three to nine people opting to share the same account would pay about $45 to $135 per month.

Other features you might enjoy while using Grammarly include checking for plagiarism and hiring a personal editor. For instance, if you fail to properly rephrase content from an online database, your premium Grammarly can detect the similarity. Despite its limited use and a lack of real-time feedback, you might hire an expert via this app to proofread and edit your work. Lastly, while editing or proofreading your work via Grammarly, you might select your audience as knowledgeable, expert, or technical, as well as set your language preference as American, Canadian, or United Kingdom, among others.

2. Turnitin

As you rush to meet deadlines for your projects and assignments, you might end up plagiarizing some of your texts. Depending on the integrity policies of your university or college, if you submit your paper with a similarity of more than 5%, 15%, or 25%, the professor might refuse to grade your paper. In some instances, the faculty might obligate you to repeat the assignment or the entire course. To avoid these predicaments, you should consider using Turnitin to check plagiarism before submitting the final draft to the blackboard or for publication if it is a dissertation or journal.

You might be wondering how you will acquire a Turnitin account. Ideally, this anti-plagiarism software rarely offers personal license purchases to individuals. For that reason, you should consider inquiring if your institution offers plagiarism detection services. Turnitin will allow you to download the plagiarism report showing plagiarized texts with corresponding links to sources. You might fix the high similarity with proper paraphrasing and citations. Ideally, you should never feel shy about using this software because even expert writers sometimes commit this mistake.

3. CustomWritings

This online company specializing in write my essay services not only complements the features of Grammarly and Turnitin but also offers other benefits to students studying in the USA or other parts of the world.

For instance, you might have forgotten to complete an assignment or paper after a long weekend, being unwell, or because of workplace or life responsibilities. In this case, you should consider requesting an expert writer via their website to complete your paper from scratch. You will be sure to receive professional assistance at affordable rates considering they utilize an advanced anti-plagiarism checker and thoroughly proofread the completed work to ascertain the quality and originality.

4. Citationsy

Even if you write a paper that meets all requirements but fails to meet the provided formatting style, you will never score all points. Similarly, most journals will reject your manuscript upon submission for publication because of wrong or incorrect formatting. Most students spend a lot of energy and time to make sure that sources in the reference section are correctly formatted. It becomes even more tedious if a professor instructs students to use different formatting styles in different papers. For that reason, you should consider using Citationsy to make your work simple in writing essays.

Ideally, this app will help you to generate your citations easily and quickly. Students can utilize Citationsy because of its user-friendly interface. Considering this software supports hundreds of formatting styles, you can tailor the citations according to the specific professor’s instructions. Ideally, creating citations, in this case, entails tracking out a particular reference and then selecting formatting style. The app will also allow you to find web pages, textbooks, journals, and other electronic sources. Finally, you will have your references with suggested citation styles by clicking a button.

Essay Writing

5. Google Docs or Microsoft Word

You might end up forgetting the basic software you require to start writing any paper. Among the best apps to write essays, it is worth mentioning these common word-processing software though they might seem obvious. Usually, these apps are always available on all your devices. If you place less emphasis on these apps to the extent of failing to update or activate the product key, you might be unable to use some features, such as designing a table. You can also use your word to insert citations and references in format. In this case, the procedure involves clicking references, then manage source, and final new. After this step, you complete the corresponding entries as per the selected type of source.

Other Apps to Help Write Essays

  • Manuscript. If you intend to write a novel or short story, you should consider using this software. For many years, this app has been helping students not only in grammar checking but also in enhancing the structure of sentences. You should definitely consider it because you will enjoy these benefits at no cost.
  • AirStory. After reading several journals, reports, or chapters of a book on a specific topic or concept, have you ever found yourself with little to write? How did you feel? In most cases, you might have wished to have written some points. Considering that it relies on Kanban methodology in organizing information, you should consider downloading AirStory to assist you in taking notes and recording data and ideas. Besides being one of the apps to help you write essays, AirStory will store your data upon incorporating it with the Chrome login.

Generally speaking, it would be best if you choose an app that will offer almost all benefits at an affordable cost. Hopefully, this information helps you in balancing school life and other responsibilities.

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