Marco Polo App Review: What Is the Marco Polo App

In the world of COVID-19, there’s been a surge in the download and use of video chat apps. Marco Polo is one of them.

But what is the Marco Polo app? Is it different from other video chat apps such as WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom, Houseparty, Camsurf and so on? In this complete Marco Polo app review, we will introduce this app to you in details.

Marco Polo App Review: What Is the Marco Polo App?

Released in 2014, Marco Polo is a “walkie talkie” app that allows you to send video and text messages to others that they can watch on their own time.

Video messaging app Marco Polo is different than FaceTime or Skype. Rather than having a live, real-time face-to-face conversation with the person you’re talking to, you record your video message as part of a conversation, and the other person can either watch it live in real-time as you’re recording, or watch it later, and then respond when they have the time. I think it is how it differentiates itself from other videos chat apps.

Its video chatting design is friendly for busy people, insomuch as people can send each other video messages that they open whenever they want, without dominating anyone’s schedule.

Marco Polo App

Marco Polo App Review: Is Marco Polo App Safe?

To a certain degree, Marco Polo is safer than most of other video chat apps.

  1. The developer, Joya Communications, proudly states on its App Store and Play Store listings that it does not sell data to advertisers or attempt to get users to “like” messages. 
  2. If you need to contact someone on Marco Polo, you need to have someone’s phone number in your phone’s contact list. Normally, there is no strangers on Marco Polo which makes it a little more private than some other apps.

However, one of the biggest warnings that you need to know about using Marco Polo before you sign up is once you log in and verify your number you will show up as a suggested contact for other people who have your phone number. This means that friends already on Marco Polo will be able to see you without searching for you. 

Marco Polo App Review: Is Marco Polo App Free?

Marco Polo, as a service, is free. You don’t need to pay anything to use it, but you can choose to pay a subscription if you want to.

Since Marco Polo does not run ads, the developer needed a source of income to keep the business running. As of May 2020, an updated subscription program was launched with more enticing features like HD video, custom emoji, and voice-only messaging. The new “Plus” version priced at $5 a month.

If you want to enjoy the new features or want to support Marco Polo, you can subscribe to it. Otherwise, the free version is fine enough.  

Wrap It Up: Is Marco Polo the Right Video Chat App for You?

Overall, Marco Polo is a great app that allows people to connect face-to-face, just not in real-time. The shining point of the app is its accessibility for people separated by different time zones — users can watch the video message at their own convenience.

Whether this is the right app for you will depend on how you like communicate with other people. Some people like to live chat on apps like BIGO LIVE and FaceTime, and some may like the way to communicate with people when it is convenient for each of the users.

I like the idea of Marco Polo, so I download it on my iPhone where other apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat have already been installed.

What’s you review of Marco Polo? Will you download it? Share your story on comments.

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