InPixio Review 2024-Why InPixio is BETTER than Photoshop!

In this digital world, many of us need a photo editing software for personal and professional needs from time to time. We recently stumbled upon InPixio, an easy-to-use photo editing software. Now, we decide to write a detailed InPixio review.

If you want to find a handy tool to edit your video quick and easy, you should keep on reading the full InPixio review.

InPixio Review


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Photo Editing Features
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InPixio positions itself as a user-friendly photo editing software, ideal for beginners and amateur photographers. It offers basic photo editing tools and is easier to navigate compared to more complex software like Photoshop.
However, its performance is hindered by slow processing times, which can be frustrating for users expecting quick edits. While it provides essential editing features at a reasonable price, advanced users might find it lacking in functionality.
InPixio is a decent choice for simple photo edits, but those requiring more sophisticated editing and faster performance might need to look elsewhere.


What is InPixio?

Based in Paris with additional development resources worldwide, InPixio is a brand of the Claranova Group. It consists of a full-fledged program, InPixio Photo Studio 10 and several other options, such as Photo Focus, Photo Maximizer and Eclipse HDR.

In this InPixio review, we mainly focus on InPixio Photo Studio 10.

InPixio Photo Studio 10

InPixio Review: System Requirements

To start this InPixio review, I’d like to look at the system requirement to see if my computer can run the program effectively.

Windows version:

Windows 7 (64-bit), 7 (32-bit), 8, 10

Processor Intel® or AMD

4 GB of RAM – (8 recommended)

700 MB of free disk space, mouse and keyboard

Internet connection

Screen resolution 1024 x 768

MAC version:

10.11 El Capitan, 10.12 Sierra, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina

2,0 GHz processor or equivalent

2 GB of RAM

Graphics card with 256 MB memory

Internet connection

InPixio Review: Main Features

When you’ve downloaded and opened the InPixio Photo Studio 10 software, you’re presented with a screen that lets you select the program that you want to work with. The three programs included with InPixio Photo Studio 10 Pro are:

Photo Eraser – Lets you quickly erase people and objects you don’t want in your photo.

Photo Cutter – Cut around objects to either use them in a collage or completely change the background.

Photo Editor – Edit your images with a variety of professional yet easy to use effects and sliders. 

Let’s check them one by one.

1.      InPixio Photo Eraser

InPixio Photo Eraser

When you open the Photo Erase you’re presented with the above screen which offers you walk through tutorials and video tutorials to help you. When you’re ready, you can click on open to find the photo you want to erase something from. Once you’ve made the selection of what you want to erase, you press the Erase button.

With this tool, you can remove all kinds of objects like a person, animals, different structures like a building, shadows, or even logos and watermarks

InPixio Photo Eraser

2.      InPixio Photo Cutter

Photo Cutter only has one purpose – to cut the background out of your images. It does this by allowing you to draw a line on the part of the image that you want to cut out, and the software does the rest. You can also select the areas you want to keep too.

InPixio Photo Cutter

3.      InPixio Photo Editor

Photo Editor is the main program. This is what you use to edit photos like Photoshop. In this program, you can apply presets, make alterations, and apply effects, styles and textures plus lots more to your photos. 

The most remarkable features of Photo Editor are:

  • Light correction (exposure, brightness, contrast)
  • Levels correction (curves)
  • Color correction (white balance, hue, saturation, split tone)
  • Special effects – blur, film grain, sharpness, noise reduction, vignette
  • Frames, textures, text effects
  • Instant filters
InPixio Photo Editor

InPixio vs Photoshop: Why InPixio is BETTER than Photoshop

It is not easy to find a photo editing software fit our needs. Both InPixio and Photoshop have similar tools for color correction, improving light and saturation, cropping, and photo editing. Then, Photoshop is better customized, has a wider range of tools, and better management. Besides, there is an unlimited number of layers and advanced masks. 

To sum up, Photoshop is the perfect solution for the publishing industry, for digital agencies, for digital art and photography professionals. However, it has steep learning curve. That’s the main reason why we think InPixio is better than Photoshop for most of the users. In other words, InPixio is a better choice for beginner and amateur photographers.

InPixio Cost

InPixio is not free. Although it has a trial version, the trial will be expired in 5 days.

There are two versions available of InPixio Photo Studio – the standard version, and the professional one:

  • InPixio Photo Studio 10 – $49.99
  • InPixio Photo Studio 10 Professional – $59.99

If you decide to buy InPixio, we would advise purchasing the professional versions. For $10.00 more, you get access to all the features including the excellent one-click image correction. 

InPixio Reviews: The Verdict

Photo editing is something that everyone loves these days. Honestly, InPixio can fit the needs of most users. It allows you to edit your images and add a wide range of impressive effects easily. 

However, as an honest reviewer, we must say InPixio is not highly recommended. Yes, it can edit photos easily and even perfectly, but it cannot finish it quickly. In my experience, usually I need to wait for more than 30 seconds for a simple editing, let alone it consumes me more than 30 minutes to download.

Have you downloaded the software and have a try? What’s your opinion?

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