4 Ways to Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint Bug in 2024

No matter what server I join, upon entry to a channel I get “Awaiting Endpoint” and am eventually disconnected… Any solutions? Thanks in advance..! – From Reddit User


If you are a game freak, you may familiar with Discord and at times you may face the ‘Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error’.

Discord Awaiting Endpoint is a network related issue that we often encounter while connecting to the Discord’s server. One of the main reasons why the error happened is that some servers of Discord are down or you are failing to connect to a specific server.

Common Errors with Discord Awaiting Endpoint

  • Discord Awaiting Endpoint private call
  • Discord Server down
  • Discord Stuck on Connecting
  • Discord RTC connecting

Luckily, the issue is easy to solve. Usually, you can change the Server region to fix this. Here we provide 4 ways for you to fix “Discord Awaiting Endpoint” bug.

Way 1: Change your Server’s Region

Step 1. Launch Discord from your computer.

Step 2. Go to Settings > Server Settings > Overview.

discord server

Step 3. Go ahead and select a different server region.

Note: selecting a server region geographically closest to you isn’t always the best option. Test other regions until you’re able to connect.

Discord Awaiting Endpoint

Way 2: Fix your Wi-Fi Settings

To solve discord awaiting endpoint error, sometimes you only need to fix your Wi-Fi settings.

Step 1. Check your internet connection if it’s working or not.

Step 2. If the internet isn’t working, then you can reboot the internet connection.

Step 3. If the internet isn’t working after the reboot, go to the administration section of the internet service providers and set the settings to default and then try checking for the error again

Way 3: Reinstall Discord

If it is nothing to do with the Server’s region of Wi-Fi connection, you can reinstall discord. We have tried this method and it worked for us.

Step 1. Uninstall Discord from your computer.

Step 2. Go to discord and download the latest version of the Discord.

Step 3. Install the downloaded Discord application and open it after installation. Your error may get fixed

Way 4: Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

The network-related issues can also be fixed by using any VPN that helps to change your server. Basically a VPN will connect to a private network and that can help you to connect to a new server in discord.

Step 1. Download any VPN application from the market.

Step 2. Open the application and then connect to the fastest server.

Step 3. Now open the Discord application again the error will disappear.

Final Words

You can use any method given above to solve Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error. Sometimes you may need to try some of them.

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