Animaker Reviews-Is It the Most Affordable Animation Software

Animaker is an online, do-it-yourself video animation software allowing people with no experience in video production and editing to make their own high-quality videos. 

In this Animaker review, we look at its main features, price plans and customer support. We also compare it with the similar software out there and look at if Animaker is the most cost-effective animation software.

So, without further ado, let’s start the Animaker review to explore Animaker.

Animaker Reviews

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Yes, Animaker is one of the most affordable animation software which is packed with many exciting features, but I don’t recommend it. That’s because its user interface is EXTREMELY slow and laggy. Also, its templates are out of date. All in all, it is not easy to create an awesome video quickly with Animaker.


What is Animaker?

Animaker is a DIY video animation software. Launched in 2014, the software is cloud-based and super easy to use. It allows you to create any video you want, including 2D animations, whiteboard videos, infographic videos, handcraft videos, typography videos, and GIFs.

Coming with one of the world’s largest animation libraries, sleek drag and drop interface, multi-user collaboration, six video styles among other features, Animaker stands out for individuals and enterprises who want to simplify their marketing, educational or communication initiatives.

Animaker Reviews

Animaker Features

The following are the top Animaker features and the benefits.

1. Powerful HTML5 Engine

Animaker runs on a powerful HTML5 engine which means seamless performance on optimized browsers.

2. Professionally Crafted Templates

Tons of professionally made templates are ready to help give you the creative spark needed to create your video.

Animaker Templates

3. Character Builder

With over 15 facial features to customize and over 10 accessory slots, build the character you want and spice up your videos!

Also, with over 20 facial expressions, Animaker helps to bring your characters & videos to life.

4. Auto Lip-Sync

Add voiceovers to your characters and watch them say it with auto lip-sync. You don’t need to spend time animating character’s lips. Animaker does the heavy lifting for you!

5. One-click resizing

Animaker provides easy repurposing of your video for different platforms. You just need to click the resize button and switch between different video types instantly.

6. Multi-User Collaboration

With Animaker, you can work together with friends or teammates to create videos in real-time for any business requirements.

Animaker Tutorials: How to Use Animaker

Step 1: Create a Storyboard for Your Video Idea

Before diving in, you’ll need a general idea for your video. Keep it simple, but make sure to include a hook to engage viewers from the very beginning, as well as a core message.

Step 2: Choose a Template

Animaker provides more than 70 video templates to jumpstart the video-making process. Choose from a variety of animation and video styles, including 2D animation, typography, whiteboard videos, and more.

Step 3: Customize the Elements in Each Scene

Your chosen template will include a number of scenes, each containing several elements, such as characters, text, and transitions. You can click on each element to customize it. For example, you can change the animated character’s appearance, facial expressions, position, and motions.

Animaker Editing

Step 4: Add Music and Voiceover

Once you’re satisfied with the animated content of the video, you can add background music or a voiceover.

Step 5: Download and Share

When the video is complete, it’s time to share! Download the video to your desktop or publish it straight to your social media platforms.

Animaker Price: Is Animaker Free

Animaker is a freemium software, which means it offers a free plan. But, if you want to benefit from their premium features, you’ll have to subscribe and purchase a premium plan.

So, yes, Animaker is free if that basic plan is enough for what your needs are. The free plan gives users access to all video editor features. However, you can only use limited assets and export 5 HD videos with Animaker logo watermark

Animaker also offers four different subscription plans including Basic, Starter, Pro, and Enterprise plans. Below you can check how much each of these plans cost.

  • The Basic plan: It Costs $10 monthly billed annually. You get five premium downloads, build five custom characters, and ten premium asset credits per month. You export your videos in HD.
  • The Starter plan: It costs $19 monthly billed annually. You get ten premium downloads, build 15 custom characters, and 20 premium assets monthly. You export your videos in full HD.
  • The Pro plan: It costs $49 monthly billed annually. You get 50 premium downloads, build 30 custom characters, and 45 premium assets monthly. You also create and download 2K video quality.
  • The Enterprise: The pricing for this plan is custom. You get unlimited downloads, build complete characters, and total assets monthly. You also get to create and download 4K video quality and upload up to 20GB files.
Animaker Price

Animaker Support

The support system of Animaker is also decent.

You can contact the support staff of Animaker using email tickets and they even have a live chat enabled on their website that you can use for quick help.

Along with great support, Animaker has a massive library of tutorials and FAQ content to guide you through pretty much any question you may have.

Animaker Support

Animaker Review: Its Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to master the learning curve, almost drag-and-drop
  • Lots of free resources, with more being added all the time
  • You can mark keyframes in the timeline for each object
  • More than one person at a time can work with it
  • It is cheaper than most of its competitors


  • Frequent freezes can stall or ruin the progress
  • A cluttered resource library can get tough to navigate
  • The present templates are not up to date

Animaker User Reviews from the Web

Let me present the summary of Animaker User Reviews from G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot to save your time.

Animaker Alternatives and Competitors

If you are looking for something else to create your company’s videos, let me assure you that there are plenty of alternatives to Animaker on the market. Depending on what you’re needs are, Animaker has some serious competition.

My advice is to try different tools to see which one is the right one for your business model. Then, compare between them and find out which one is suitable regarding what package of features offers or pricing plans.

1. Animaker Vs PowToon

Like animaker, PowToon lets you create fully customized and professional videos in no time at all. It is loaded with features that will give you the ultimate comfortable video-making experience.

And, here are where they differentiate from each other.

  • Character builder – Both tools allow you to build a custom character. However, for PowToon, you have to purchase an agency plan to use this feature. On other side, Animaker allows you to build custom characters in any subscription.
  • Pre-made characters – PowToon has a never-ending list of characters. Characters are divided into multiple sections. On the other side, inside Animaker, you are getting around 30 characters only.
  • Other Assets – Both platforms have a big enough library of other assets such as shapes, emoji, stickers, etc.
  • Customer Support – Animaker has live chat support while you need to send an email to PowToon.
  • Price – Both of them have free version. If you need to upgrade, animaker may be cheaper.

To know more read the detailed PowToon review.

2. Animaker Vs Toonly

Animaker is best recommended if you create fewer videos every month and create different types of videos other than animation and explainer videos.

However, we recommend Toonly if you create lots of videos every month and need a tool with no restriction on video downloads.

And, here are where they differentiate from each other.

  • Download or Cloud-based – Toonly is a downloadable software that you install on your PC, while Animaker is cloud-based.
  • Speed (User Experience) – In terms of speed, Toonly loads fast as it is a desktop application. In contrast, Animaker loads relatively slow when launching the web app.
  • Library– Animaker has fewer characters, but it compensates with its character creator, which allows you to create custom characters.
  • Text to Speech and Custom Voiceover – The Text-to-speech is only present in Animaker. While this might have been a drawback for Toonly, it compensates with customizable voiceovers.
  • Number of Videos (Downloads) – Toonly lets you create an unlimited number of videos, and that’s its win over Animaker. Also, Toonly does not place restrictions on the number of downloads you can perform per month. On the other hand, Animaker has restrictions on the number of downloads you can perform per month based on the plan you go for.

To know more read the detailed Toonly review.

3. Animaker Vs Vyond

Vyond is a cloud-based online animation software that lets you create professional-level animated videos for industry purposes like training, marketing, and eLearning. This Animaker alternative is one of the most popular video-making tools out there and is definitely worth checking out. If you are an industry professional, this software is especially for you.

To know more read the detailed Vyond review.

4. Animaker Vs Doodly

Doodly is one of the most intuitive tools for building up whiteboard animations and for creating explainer videos. Its drag-and-drop technology gives anyone, whether they are a design professional or not, the ability to create high-quality and highly realistic videos in just a few minutes. 

To know more read the detailed Doodly review.

5. Animaker Vs Moovly

Moovly is a video creation tool that helps the user to create explainer videos, promo videos, tutorials videos, or training videos. All of the videos will able to develop through an online video editor with various customizable templates to choose from.

With Moovly, a business or company will able to result in a professional-looking video just within several minutes. Therefore, no need to spend hours or day developing an interesting video.

To know more read the detailed Moovly review.

6. Animaker Vs VideoScribe

VideoScribe is another animaker competitor that allows you to create your videos with animations without having to have design knowledge. It provides more than 100 types of fonts that can be customized (color, bold, shading). It provides a library with more than 200 free themes to insert into the presentation, and you can upload your own music. Voice can be recorded to be superimposed on video animation.

To know more read the detailed VideoScribe review.

Animaker Review: Verdict

Yes, Animaker is one of the most affordable animation software which is packed with many exciting features, but I don’t recommend it. That’s because its user interface is EXTREMELY slow and laggy. Also, its templates are out of date. All in all, it is not easy to create an awesome video quickly with Animaker.

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