VideoScribe Review 2023 – Is VideoScribe Worth It?

If you are looking for whiteboard animation software, you might already have seen some blogs’ recommendation of VideoScribe.

However, what is VideoScribe? How to use VideoScribe? What are the Pros and Cons of this software? What are the subscription charges? Is VideoScribe the right video tool for you?

Every query will be answered in this complete VideoScribe review. By the end of this post, you will have a clear idea about this tool and easily decide if you should buy it or not.

Let’s dive in.

VideoScribe Review

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VideoScribe is one of advance video making software with numerous features that can make your video making experience very fun and exciting. There are certain limitations to this software but if you are looking to make video on whiteboard then this software is for you.

VideoScribe Review

What is VideoScribe?

VideoScribe is a fantastic whiteboard animation software that is easy to use and makes incredible animations. The platform was launched in 2012 by a UK company called Sparkol.

This software works on the motto of “Think & Draw”. A huge library of fonts, a variety of animated texts, and a variety of pens and hands gives you the authority to design whatever you like.

It is ideal for graphic design enthusiasts, video makers, freelancers, bloggers, government agencies, and internet marketers looking to create amazing instructional talks, marketing videos, bring illustration to life, and add stunning visual to talks to keep the audience captivated.

VideoScribe Features

When reviewing a product, it is vital to discuss the features that you will get from it. Well, this is no exception. VideoScribe is primarily famous for its features. There are plenty of useful features.

1. Cross-Platform and Cloud Compatible

VideoScribe is capable of creating videos on various platforms. It works with Windows and Mac and it also comes with mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. However, the apps for mobile have fewer features compared to the desktop version.

Aside from that, VideoScribe allows users to work their project on the cloud and save it there as well. Meanwhile, they still have the option to work offline through download. Cross-platform compatibility combined with on-premise and cloud-based deployment gives users varied options of where and when they can utilize the software.

2. Massive Library

VideoScribe comes with a huge library of images, sketches, music files, etc. Based on your requirements you can choose them and use them in your videos.

3. Large image library

VideoScribe comes with a huge library – over 7,300 images!

And best of all, colored images come at no extra cost.

Images are sorted into categories. At the time of writing this VideoScribe review, there are 40 different image categories.

4. Great DIY Options

In addition to all of the great standard sounds, characters, props, and background objects that come with VideoScribe, you can also import your own audio and visual elements and manipulate them in exactly the same way. In addition, you can upload a profile of your own hand to ‘draw’ each scene or you can use one of the ones that come with the program.

5. Scene Animator

Another lovely feature of the Video Scribe program is the scene animator and timeline. Using this feature, you can drop and drag text, images, and more into a scene. Then, you can arrange them.

In the timeline, I especially liked the buttons that lay on the right side of the timeline. The buttons offer you plenty of functions ranging from paste, copy, viewing eye, and more.

VideoScribe Tutorial: How to Use VideoScribe

You may know the features, but till you don’t know how to operate them appropriately.

Don’t worry, VideoScribe makes it easy to create videos with their five-step process. 

Step 1: Create & Save Your First Scene

Create a new project -> Add an image from the library->Resize an image and move it on the canvas -> Import an external image->Add some text, change the font and color->Preview your scene ->Save your project

Step 2: Setting the Camera

Open an existing scribe->Set the camera so multiple elements are drawn from a fixed position->Using the canvas space->Create a second scene->Remove an element with ‘blank out’->Set the second scene to be drawn with a fixed camera position->Save your changes

Step 3: Adding Sound

VideoScribe has over 200 audio clips available in its library. You will find different sorting options to find the exact sound you need or upload it from your computer as an MP3.

To add voice-over, you need to click the microphone button and start recording.

Step 4: Editing and Fine Tuning Your Video

Change the background style and default hand ->Adjust the order of your elements->Adjust the timings of your elements->Move an element in, instead of drawing it->Fade an element in, instead of drawing it->Change the colors in images->Preview and see all these changes in action

Step 5: Export Your Video or Publish to Social Media

Now your animation video is ready, and all that is left is to export and share it. Suppose you currently use only the trial version. In that case, you will only export to Facebook, PowerPoint, YouTube, and the exported video will have a watermark.

There are many export options for the paid version like different formats, embed it to your website, and the before-mentioned platforms with no watermark.

VideoScribe Cost

VideoScribe cost is the next thing you must look at. VideoScribe cost is divided into three different pricing options to meet everyone’s needs:

  • Monthly plan starting from $39/month/single user
  • Yearly plan starting from $14/month/single user
  • One-time payment of $995/single user with lifetime access

The good news is that VideoScribe has a seven-day free trial so that you can get a flavor for the program before you buy it.

The difference between the plans offered is the payment plans. All of the plans from VideoScribe offer the same great features (except the FREE trial) with different payment terms to fit into your budget easily.

VideoScribe Cost

VideoScribe Support

VideoScribe comes with fast support. You can contact their customer support team via support ticket, live chat, or email.

Their website also contains a Support Section that contains hundreds of answers. You would get most of the answers to common queries.

They also got a VideoScribe community where you can ask your queries and their support team will provide you step by step solutions.

VideoScribe Support

VideoScribe Review: Its Pros and Cons


  • You didn’t need the internet to access your VideoScribe projects
  • You can import and use your media files on VideoScribe
  • Unlimited downloads, hosting, and creation
  • Large library of audio and visual elements including soundtracks


  • Premium stock images are available at an extra cost
  • If you need custom images, you have to make them SVG files
  • No direct option to export whiteboard animations in mp4 format

VideoScribe Alternatives and Competitors

While VideoScribe lays claim to be the first whiteboard animation software company on the market, it is far from the last. Other top competitors such as Doodly, Explaindio, PowToon, and Vyond provide similar basic features. Let’s compare with them and see which one is better for you.

1. VideoScribe Vs Doodly

Doodly is one of the best VideoScribe alternatives where you can create super engaging, professional doodle videos even without any technical knowledge or designing skills. 

It comes with a number of built-in library characteristics which include audio, photo files, props and more. You can really set up your own unique drawing path style on every image that is created here.

Though most of its available templates are whiteboard style videos, it also allows you to make Glassboard style video templates and blackboard videos.

To know more read the detailed Doodly review.

2. VideoScribe Vs Explaindio   

With Explaindio you will be able to make different videos, such as whiteboard animation, 2D or 3D animated videos etc.

It allows you to input from a variety of different image formats like gif, JPG, PNG and SVG and converts all of these image formats into a whiteboard style animation.

It has a rather complicated user interface and does take one some time to get familiar with, but that also ensures a much higher level of customization than many other programs.

3. VideoScribe Vs PowToon

PowToon has remained one of the most popular online application tools for storytelling. People often use it for academic presentations, animations as well as for animated infographics.

There’s a wide range of animation effects that users can select from the drop-down list and there’s plenty of free templates that can be used to create almost instant presentations.

To know more read the detailed PowToon review.

4. VideoScribe Vs Vyond

Vyond is a program that was previously known as Goanimate. It’s tailored to build attractive animations which can be used for corporate professionals, teachers and students. It makes excellent online animations and video presentations for different industries as well as for users who want to build special presentation files.

To know more read the detailed Vyond review.

VideoScribe Review Conclusion

VideoScribe is one of advance video making software with numerous features that can make your video making experience very fun and exciting. Although they are providing many features for free, the latest and most important feature comes with a price and honestly that price is totally worth it. There are certain limitations to this software but if you are looking to make video on whiteboard then this software is for you.

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